No Ordinary Socks

I've attempted a knitting project I've never tried in the 12 years I've been knitting. Socks. It sounded so simple as I ordered a wool/cashmere blend in a platinum. What could possibly go wrong? They are just socks. Right?


I should know better. I should know myself better by now. What is the first sock pattern I choose? The longest most intricate pattern on the planet - of course. It's a free pattern from my favorite site for knitting inspiration: The Purl Bee. Go ahead, try it... it'll be fun.

The other problem with knitting socks: a knitter is required to make a matching pair. So here I am. One sock complete and only half way done with the second and losing steam.

Cable Knit Knee High

I think they'll be beautiful when they are finally done. They might even be too pretty to wear. To pretty to get dirty at the very least. Oh well. What girl needs a reason to make and wear pretty things!