Things I Forgot

I was journaling yesterday and came across a list I made when I was working on my thesis... I've been slowly sending out my manuscript to agents and looking back on all the writing I've been doing. Here's a super short peek:

Things I forgot (after my accident):

I forgot that that my pre-accident normal had not made me happy. After the accident I just wanted to get back to "normal" but I couldn't remember what that was.

I forgot that I never liked bananas before the accident... even as a kid I wouldn;t eat them. I blame the head injury for this one.

I forgot that I had not always been in this much physical pain... I'm so grateful to physical therapy and chiropractors who know how to literally straighten me out.

I forgot that others could not see how shaken, bruised, scattered I really was. The accident left no visible scars. Things might have been easier if there were visible traces of trauma.

I forgot names, phone numbers, passwords, my car in every parking lot. I used to be able to trust myself with these details... I can say this has become easier with time... not sure if I suddenly healed after about 3 years or if I've just found ways to compensate for it as time has gone on.

I forgot that doctors, lawyers, insurance adjusters, could never save me in a wholistic way. No matter what they promised me, the rest of my life was up to me.

I forgot that the word NO was not a word I used ever and that YES has a particular value when used sincerly.