A Year in Print and a Giveaway

We always start the new year with grand ideas and big resolutions... to be more organized or lose weight or drink more water and less caffine or to manage our time and finances like a grownup should. We all do it. And there are  articles floating around the internet on how these resolutions never work or how to keep yourself motivated. The last two years I've chosen a word instead of a goal. The word acts as a theme and reminds me where I want to be spending my energy. For me, 2013 was a year of saying YES to new things, experiences, and ideas. 2014 is my year of living Whole Heartedly. I said yes to some pretty awesome things in 2013 and I want to be committed to seeing those through with my whole heart: teaching, writing and editing WILD Quarterly, raising a puppy, becoming a better writer and artist. 

While I was working on my Block Printing class I realized how much I enjoy creating prints. While I am working, I don't notice the time or who is trying to text me or even that the sun has gone down and all the windows are still open and I should probably put on a sweater and walk the dog. Few things really capture my imagination and attention like this particular process. I want to print more. 

So, I given myself a little challenge which might not turn out to be very small at all, but here it is. Each month of 2014 I will create 2 new prints. Probably hand lettered literary quotes or sayings that inspire me but who knows where this might lead... I will only print 20 of each and make them available at my very own little print shop for $19 each. I'd also like to give one or two away in drawings each month... so that by the end of this year I will have created 24 new print designs. 

I might need you to hold me to it!

I've added the first print this morning. She's 5.5x7.5 on recycled, acid-free, cardstock Printed in the brightest tangerine. Each one is numbered and signed.

I thought I'd start strong with Joan of Arc and her pep talk. I know I need it, maybe you do too. Let's not waste time with clutter and busyness that does not feed our souls. Let's not get distracted and forget who we are truely meant to be. Let's take hold of our time with firm hands and a steady heart. Let's not be afraid.

I think you were born to do this too.

Giveaway details:

I want to see how many people this post can reach in a week. Find me on Pinterest and pin this picture. Next Monday, January 13th I will draw the name of someone who pinned this print and mail that lucky person this print.