The Writing In the Sand

I realized this weekend that I have completely negleted this blog all summer. 

A whole lot happened. I moved. Oliver and I live in Long Beach very near Belmont Shore and we are enjoying our morning walks on the bluff. I've noticed something about this beach. Someone likes to write big messages in the sand for all of us who walk our dogs on the bluff  to read. 

I've tried to capture them with my phone when I see them. I love how temporary and bold these messages are:

This is the first one I noticed- God <3 U.

The next morning, I found this more mysterious one - She's thinking about you.

And then, a few days later, a funny question - Has anyone seen my keys?


I began to wonder who this mysterious writer could be. I was cooking up wild stories about how these words came to be writen in the sand. And then, I saw this:

Any guy with a shovel can write stuff in the sand. Mystery solved. It just wasn't the romantic, epic, drama I wanted. But this is what he wrote:

Enter, You are at the center of the world.

I get the distinct feeling as I walk Oliver on the bluff that I am at least standing on the edge of the world. What's stopping me from leaving my mark on that new shore? 

Right now, it's a shovel. I don't own one.

And, what would I write?

This morning, I found another message waiting for me... (or whoever passes by)

It's harder to read in this shot. It's a sketch of two sides of a coin. It simply reads: Heads or Tails?