Room Redux

Happy long weekend!

I've been working on a few projects. I'll share this one with you:

This is the before picture of my bedroom:

My tiny bed was in the larger corner...

And my huge amount of desk stuff was crammed against the other wall.

I needed to move things around to get more work done and get Olivers crate out from under my desk. I also needed a bullitin board of some sort for all the little things I keep around me for inspiration... 

Then, I had an inspired idea:

I have this cupboard that's up high and out of sight - when I moved in I stuffed all sorts of cheap old canvases in there. I took them down and tested on the ugliest one. I ripped the canvas away from the frame... What was left was a great little wood frame:

Cotton twill tape or lace or ribbon or wire cut to fit and a staple gun. That's all you need.

I found a pinterest pin that said to give wood an "aged look" you soak steal wool in a cup of apple cider vinegar (I use that stuff for almost everything now) over night and sand the wood with it. I let the wood dry outside on the porch. As it dried - it turned a sort of grey color. Then I attached cotton twill tape and antique lace (that I had on hand) with my trusty staple gun.

I used wood clothes pins to attach all my little things.

Then I moved around the furniture:

I created a corner for myself - instead of pushing everything against the wall

Now I face the center of the room when I work.

I put twinkle lights up instead of having a reading light.And Oliver has a better crate area, too. The great thing was I got a huge amount of change and organization without spending any money.