Puppy Love

Well, this is Oliver - as in Oliver Twist, the literary orphan. I adopted him 10 days ago. He's a 3 month old terrier mix. And we are learning all kinds of things about each other as we follow each other around and keep each other out of trouble. He's only slightly more distract-able than me: dandelions in the yard are an endless source of fascination for him.

How do you get them to stop eating grass? Any puppy tips? Send them my way.

He seems to like his crate and he knows his name but is super afraid of leaving the house on a leash. Maybe he thinks I'm taking him back to the pound.

It occurred to me the other night that if I had named him Mr. President, all my neighbors would hear me yelling, "Mr. President! Mr. President!" I've been watching too many West Wing episodes.