I love it when I can find a new use for something old. It's one of my favorite things. So, I was chatting with my mom over Thanksgiving about the projects we've been working on... she mentioned finding old sweaters at the Goodwill to make use of the yarn. It's probably easier to find big wool sweaters in Boise than it is in southern California. 

But, It's been cold. Not Boise cold. But 59 degrees at noon is pretty cold for me. And walking the dog before 8am on the beach is really cold. So, here's what I did:

I pulled two sweaters from my closet that I just don't wear anymore... It's amazing how quickly, styles shift and suddenly half your shirts are either too short or too long. I made long fingerless gloves out of them.

2 old sweaters

I cut the sleeves off.

cut the sleeves off

I folded the wrist cuff over and cut a small "button hole" for my thumb.

fold over the wrist cuff and cut a button hole

I blanket stitched around the thumb hole.

blanket stitch around the thumb hole

I put it on and pinned the wide opening so that it fit snug just above my elbow and blanket stiched that as well. Although, I need to find another way to do this. I want to keep the length of the glove but it was a little baggy and loose. I may need to break out the sewing machine. 

One pair of sleeveless gloves!

I still have one more pair of sleeves. I'll figure it out and give the new pair away. Any pointers? Want them? Leave me a comment!

And now I am much warmer walking Oliver. 

I know what you are thinking: Maybe Amie should just buy a long sleeve shirt!

Why? This is California!

Not totally ready for a close up this early in the morning!