A Place For Everything

How did I spend my holiday weekend? I'm so glad you asked. I cleaned out and rearranged my bedroom closet and dresser. 

I wanted to do this before my semester started which also translates into, before I will be needing to dress for work early every morning. 

Most women complain about the size of their closets. I'm no exception. But my closet is dark and small with only a tiny door. There is a lot of wasted space. This is the before picture:

It's not terrible. But I wanted to be able to store my boots and shoes a little better... and I like being able to grab certain things quickly. Like PJ's and sweatshirts. I can push the summer things towards the back finally. I mean it is January after all. 

Since I'm renting, I can't install lighting or sliding doors... So, I gave myself a challenge... clean out and organize the closet but do not spend any money on the project. I have more fun buying the organizational tubs and drawers and stuff than I do actual clothes. For example, about 2 years ago, I invested in a Ikea wood hangers. They come in an 8 pack for about $4. I'm wierd about hangers... no plastic... no wire ones either.

Here is the finished product:

No money spent. I used these rubbermaid "leftover" tubs to organize my top dresser drawer (these also work great in bathroom drawers: 


And I used an old set of shower curtain rings to rig a place to hold my scarves:


I ended up giving away a huge trash bag full of clothes too!

Big win!