Purple Mountains Majesties

The big news around Los Angeles lately is the weather... It's been in the 20's a few mornings in a row. Facebook has been full of Los Angelinos posting pics of their ice covered windshields. It's sort of a novelty that is wearing off... I'm cold. In fact, I actually puchased thick knee socks last week. I haven't worn knee socks since maybe the 3rd grade. I rarely have need for bulky socks out here...

Am I really going to talk about the weather? Maybe.

It's just that I feel unprepared for these extremes. And I find my mind keeps wandering to a road trip I'd like to take even as deadlines and lesson planning is pressing in. 

I snapped this picture on my way home as the sun was setting behind me turning the foothills purple. And the rhyme my mom taught me when I was a kid spilled out all the sudden:

Red at night, sailors delight. Red in the morning, sailors take warning.

I'm not sure what made me think of that... maybe it's the knee socks. On the plus side, I did get 630 words written today. It's a start.