Hold Me To It

Yesterday as my roommate was heading out the door to work I asked her absently, "What day is it?" I was still in my pj's as she was shrugging on her coat and searching for her umbrella. I could feel her rolling her eyes.

"Thursday," she said in her "have a good day" voice. I haven't been teaching. I've been enjoying the quiet. And now today is Friday and I am looking at how full my calendar is for 2013 and I have one more week before the semester begins. On January 1st, I had big plans for January. I was going to get that book proposal written before the semester started. 

This week I filled up my days with all sorts of little creative projects. The book proposal is in my head somewhere but no where near my laptop. I have one more week to get that baby done. Hold me to it. 

This week I decided the big robins egg blue wall in my living room needs some new art. I found some fun postcards. Then I found cheap little frames and painted them white:

Then, I had 2 blank canvases in the back of my closet and a big stack of pretty papers and lots of paint:

They each need a great quote to go over them... if you have any ideas, let me know... Why is it that when I should be writing, I am a much better painter/decorator?