Too Much

I've held a certain feeling - maybe I'm not alone in this - that there are certain things that are just too much to hope for...  

I noticed, last week, while sitting in the waiting room waiting for my dad to come out of surgery, I didn't pray for the surgeon to get rid of all the cancer. I asked that he make it through the procedure. But to be cancer free seemed too much to ask. 

I know that God was not looking at this situation saying, "Oh crap, now he's got cancer!" 

I love that the definition does not force us to be ignorant of our present circumstances. It does not ask us to put on blinders and pretend everything will be all right. It does call for a certain amount of patience though. 

As I got the call today that my dad is finally home from the hospital - and cancer free! - I wonder if maybe I've been asking for too little.  Maybe it's only too much for me.