New Growth

I have the ugliest tree in my front yard. It leans to the left... it's got two trunks and only one of them has actual leaves. It's wierd and it bugs me. As soon as the weather finally cooled off, my roommate and I went out and reseeded the lawn and then took a pair of scissors to that horrible tree. We were hoping it would finally give up the ghost and we could drag it over to the curb and be done with it.

As we finished our day of yard work, the sky opened up and gave us her first real rain. And, I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that the next morning that tree was sprouting healthy leaves and raising it's scrawny branches to heaven in a hallelujah.

Now, everytime I pull out of the driveway or look out my bedroom window in the morning I whisper to that tree: "I had hoped to kill you! I thought you were as good as dead!"

Even when I hack at it and say mean things, life persists. So does hope!

P.S. the tree is still ugly. It reminds of an awkward adolescent with headgear.