It's a Gift

I got to give out my first Christmas gifts today! I think it's my favorite part... especially when I made those gifts... especially when I get to surprise someone special. That's my favorite part.... handing over the pretty package.

I've noticed that my wrapping skills have gone downhill lately. I blame the head injury... and I use more bags and tissue paper... less tape and scissors. Oh well, compensating makes way for new creative exploits. Beware if you get a gift from me and it looks like a small child wrapped it without adult supervision... that can only mean one thing. I've run out of bags. 

On another note: the wind picked up last night as the sun went down. It picked up so much that all through the night, I felt like Dorothy stuck in the hurricane with Toto in a basket. I imagined myself stepping outside and finding that my house had landed on a witch just off the yellow brick road. But, the gardener came and swept up the mess before I had a chance to look... it you are minus a witch, I think I know what happened. 

Honestly, I didn't get much sleep at all last night.

Peace to you this calm evening. I have more Christmas presents to finish.