Just So You Know

Sometimes I like to think of the text messages I send as little notes that I am tucking into someone's pocket.

Just so you know, I'm thinking about you.
Just so you know, you are going to be great today and I can't wait to hear all about it.
Just so you know, I left a light on and did not set the alarm so that you don't come home to a dark house and a screeching siren. You are welcome.

A part of me loves texting... So fast and efficient. But there is something to be said for picking up the phone, or showing up in person. Sometimes we all need a human touch. I think I need it more than I'd care to admit.

Sometimes things happen that are largely incomprehensible. Like yesterday's shooting... And no amount of convenient technology can calm our racing hearts. We shake our fists and beg for answers. None come. Except that they do... In unconventional ways; we see the rescuers, the leaders rise up, the community step in, the helpers intervene.

We take a breath and look around and see that love has found a way to show up with open hands and possibly work boots and tools to pitch a tent and mend our gaping holes.

If love sent you a text message today I think it would read: Just so you know, I'm here.