Open Hands

One of my most favorite quotes comes from "The Chronicles of Narnia" when sweet innocent little Lucy asks Mr. and Mrs. Beaver about Aslan.

"Is he safe?" she asks.

"Oh no. But, he is good." They answer.

This does nothing for her fear. Or mine as long as I'm being honest.

I'm noticing as this week moves forward and the topic is love, I feel like less and less of an expert in this area... Before moving to Los Angeles, I was a wedding coordinator. I produced 400 weddings in two years. Even now, five years later, the opening notes of the "wedding march" makes me throw up a little in my mouth. These weddings did not teach me about love - they taught me how to put on a show. 

The kind of love I'm talking about (for advent) welcomes you in with open hands... no pretense or flashiness... it's disarming in it's simplicity. It's risky. But, it's also good. 

And it's something I'd like to be better at.