A Bad Influence

I have one student from Singapore and I asked him about his first American Thanksgiving. He said, "It was awesome. I went skydiving. You inspired me." Suddenly I felt compelled to explain that NORMAL people do not spend their holidays this way... I might be a terrible influence on you people. The class laughed.

In today's class we talked about the legacies we wanted to leave. I had them write out their answers because it's easier for them to share after they've had a few moments to collect their thoughts... as they wrote, I wondered if my legacy for this class would really be a crazy story about jumping out of a plane.

I've had the opportunity to read this story at USC, Yale, and to my little class of freshman at Biola. Here's the link to my USC reading: I start 37 minutes into the program...

At least my jump didn't look like this poor woman's 80th birthday jump!

I was hoping this class would make them better writers and communicators... maybe now they are more fearless.