How About We...

So, after some late night girl talk over the weekend, I found a website: - a dating website where you propose a date and see how wants to go with you or has posted something similar. For example, "How about we: meet up in Venice, have a food truck dinner, and people watch." There is a short profile involved. I like this concept. It's about getting to know more people socially and widening your circle.

I've learned at least 2 things from reading through the entries and looking over the questions.

1. I can't stop editing. I start reading and as soon as I spot a typo, I am mentally marking it with my red pen and assigning a grade. I actually forget why I was reading in the first place. I'm too busy dismissing them with a, "Thanks for playing. Next!" I don't have a problem with objectifying these guys, I'm too busy judging whether or not they've picked up a book recently.

Maybe it's just me but, how about we proofread before we press "post"?

Does this make me a snob? I'm not saying that I'm perfect or that I expect perfection. But someone who considers his words carefully... c'mon.

2. The majority of men are assuming that wine tasting is the only first date ever invented. It's not. And now, regardless of whether this garners actual dates, I'm on a mission to write the best date proposal... this has turned into a writing contest. I might be the only player.

I went with: "How about we: go kayaking... I've never done it so, I hope that you have a least a cursory knowledge of it - otherwise we both might die."

I might need to rethink that last part... I hope the site lets me edit... this is still a work in progress.

Ok. There's a 3rd:

3. I've learned that a date with me might never garantee anyone's survival.