Grace Upon Grace

I've given myself a writing assignment. I've missed my little website and I've been itching to say a few things so for the month of November, I'm going to issue a small(ish) post... it might become my "what I'm thankful for list" but right now I have a song stuck in my head.

"In every station, new trials and troubles, call for more grace than I can afford. And where can I go but to my dear Savior, for mercy that pours from boundless stores. Grace upon grace, every sin repaired. Every void restored, you will find Him there. In every turning, He will prepare you with grace upon grace..."

Sandra McCracken's lilting voice reminds me of grace. I love the definition of the word grace. Especially the verb form: To adorn or embellish. As we move into this season of Advent, I'd like to be adorning and embellishing my days with graceful things...

That's the plan anyway. So, this post will count for 2 entries since it's already the 2nd. 

Last night's grace was my monthly dinner with two amazing women. Once a month, the three of us meet at a restaurant for dinner. There is usually wine and lot's of garlic butter. We chat about what's happening in our lives, we make each other laugh, we've cried with each other, we eat, and then as we are taking care of the tip, we commit to praying for each other. We've been doing this since I graduated in May and I have come to love the ease and simplicity of our visits. Women have a tendency to make things so complicated. But at our dinner table meetings we have witnessed amazing things happen. I am grateful for their grace.

The trick, we've found is to set our next date before we leave the restaurant. Last night we had Eureka Burger in Claremont. Yum.