Marking Seasons

Los Angeles exists in a perpetual state of spring. There are really only two seasons per year. There is spring and wildfire season. The local weathermen call them “fire storms” and this might be the only real work our weathermen do all year on account of how every other day it’s 80 degrees and sunny. These "fire storms" usually give way to mudslide season but only if you are very wealthy and happen to be living on the cliffs above the Malibu coastline. All these seasons come and go under a great cloud of smog. Or, air that you can see. I should add a third season: Allergy season. Now that I’m thinking about it, we do endure about two weeks of rain per year. This is when Los Angeles all but shuts down as resident’s are forced to dig through their belongings for a dusty umbrella and shed their sunglasses while the streets turn into raging rivers and getting on the freeway is more of a risk than ever before. So, it goes: spring, wild fire season, allergy season and finally monsoon season.