Q & A

The following is an abbreviated list of the questions I've received over the past few days:

Can you make baby booties?

Can I email you my paper?

How long does my research paper have to be?

Does that include the bibliography?

Can you make a clock out of a canvas?

How do I attach canvas to wood?

How are you?

Can I sit here?

Can you eat flat bread?

Would you mind looking over my draft?

Does it ever feel like you get to be good at something?

My answers:

I can. Nope. 7 pages NOT including your bibliography read your syllabus. You can with the right tools. Glue. I'm good. I'd like that. No, I can't. Sure, of course. Oh man, I hope so.

I've been listening to Sleeping at Last for the past few days and there is a song that stuck out to me this morning: The chorus goes  -

The smartest thing I've ever learned

Is that I don't have to have all the answers

Just a little light to call my own

Though it pales in comparison

To the over arching shadows

With this sparkle

I can reignite the sun

And swallow darkness whole

Right now I feel a bit like MacGyver with all the crafty questions. Does anyone else have a question they'd like to ask? I may not be able to answer it but maybe we can swallow darkness whole...