The Remains of the Day

As I sit down to write, my brain feels full like it might explode. I was driving home this evening and stopped to get gas... The wind was blowing and it was 50 degrees. The wind on my face reminded me of this time last year. At this point last year, my big problem was deciding whether to go sky diving with my family on Thanksgiving weekend. To this day a cold blast of air in my face has me reaching for my harness and closing my eyes. 

At the same time, so much has happened since... My accident finally settled, I graduated, I went to Yale, I finished my thesis, I started teaching... I keep repeating this list to myself because I can't believe this is how my story is unfolding. Even if I had planned it out, it could never have been this good.

I have a mountain of work ahead of me... Grading papers and looking for new teaching/speaking opportunities... Writing a book proposal... But right now as I light a fire in my fireplace and plug in my "lighted topiary's", my roommate says they are not Christmas trees until there are ornaments on them... I find myself incredibly grateful to be here.