There is a map for that

I've been spending the summer trying to control things that are not really controllable and watching as the things I thought were for sure, fall apart... the bright side is there is room for new things to come my way. I'm fine with this most days and then there are days or weeks that I feel a bit adrift... I found myself talking to wise women this weekend and saying the same things every time: I just need a new picture in my head of what I want my life to look like... Literally, I need to picture what I want my house to look like, my job to look like... I'm an extremely visual person.

The good thing for today is: Google maps.

First of all, I am completely lost without it... Especially after my accident... But recently, with all this apartment hunting, I've been able to zip around and systematically rule out all the places that I definitely do not ever want to call home. And with the help of google maps (and, I feel a bit like Goldilocks: this one is too small, this one is too much, this one is trashy, this one is just right... At least I have this map in the palm of my hand!