On a walk with my dear friend Sarah this evening we looked up as we were starting out and we came across a rainbow:


Then the wind picked up and as it was getting dark, thunder and lightning followed us home. As it sprinkled Sarah shared about her amazing new job and I talked about how everything in my life is completely up in the air right now. We agreed that it was the most eventful walk either of us has taken in quite some time.

Growing up in Sunday school, whenever I see a rainbow I think of Noah, the Ark, and the flannel boards on which this story was told.

God tells Noah to build something unheard of in preparation for a disaster never before invented. This makes Noah appear crazy to everyone watching until the unimaginable rain storm finally comes. Suddenly he's a genius. (suddenly after quite a few years) When the water finally subsided, a promise was made. There was goodness that came from his faithfulness.

I've been thinking about what my next steps are going to be... For the month of September, I'm going to blog about goodness. Good news (I'm sure it still exists) good ideas, people who are doing good, good memories.

Goodness sometimes gets a bad rap. Goodness has nothing to do with being a pushover, a door mat, a bleeding heart. I think goodness is about being true to the promise inside of you and an awareness that you are not the only one in possession of a promise.

Today's goodness: a walk and talk with Sarah and her dog, through thunder and lightning.