Introverts Unite

Today Hannah and I spent the day at a place we had never been with other people we have never met. Treepeople is a beautiful urban forest and conservation center just off Mullholland Drive and Cold Water Canyon. We were there for an Etsy conference.

We met with other artists who sell their work online. There was a certain quietness, intimacy, and genuine friendliness to the group that I couldn't quite put my finger on. It wasn't until the car ride home with Hannah, that she nailed it. We had just spent the day with a bunch of introverted artists who want to make beautiful things. And we had a blast.

We passed out our business cards and talked about what we want to do: creating art, teaching art as a transformative practice, and finding ways to incorporate the art and handiwork of the women we've met around the world.

Everytime I talk about Spread-Creative I get more excited and more nervous. Now we actually have to make it happen.

Side note: I introduced myself and mentioned the Hannah is my partner. Then, quickly clarified: my business partner. He laughed and added, "Thanks for clarifying." (Good thing we have business cards.)

*Our website will be undergoing major construction in the next month as we move forward.

So, stay tuned...