I Wonder

This song has been on repeat:
Halfway by Sandra McCracken

"Love is an ocean and I am a tiny cup..."

There is a little game I play. Eavesdropping in coffee shops, while taking a walk, when I should be working, at the grocery store... I pick a person that I don't know and ask myself, "What does she (or He) worry about?"

A few years ago, I took my seat in a movie theatre and the guy in front of me was complaining to his girlfriend that his roommate had eaten all his pop tarts. The game was over pretty quick. He worries about his pop tarts. But this past week, I showed up at the Sacred Heart Academy on Saturday morning to proctor a practice SAT exam and was greeted by a gray haired woman with bifocals, khaki shorts and a t-shirt. She looked like a teacher on summer break. She stuck out her hand and held the door for me at the same time. She introduced herself and apologized for the way she was dressed saying that normally she would be dressed in her habit. It took me a moment to understand what she meant. I was wearing shorts and my Revolution Test Prep t-shirt. Oh, she's a nun. Even Nuns worry about their clothes.

Earlier in the week, while I was working at USC's Law School (I have far too many low paying jobs) It has been my task this summer to work my way through their database, researching and updating any contact information I can find... It's tedious. But, I googled one woman to find that she had recently died... It was more than that. She was in the middle of a divorce, a hideous custody battle was raging and she shot her kids, her mother and then herself. Murder Suicide Article What she did is incomprehensible to me. This woman had altogether different worries.

As a writer, these stories intrigue me and then I must find a way to share them. You are welcome.

As a human, I am grateful that my worries are mine... That I am where I am and I may not have any answers but right now I'm just glad to understand some of the questions.