Today is day 20.
television 1 static monitor pictures, backgrounds and images
These days, I really don't sit in front of the Television much. And I never watch a show live anymore. Commercials? No thanks. But today was different. I let myself spend the whole afternoon in front of the TV. Actually, it was Hulu on my macbook... I turned on the fan and curled up and watched episode after episode of a few different shows. Mainly, Covert Affairs, Suits, Royal Pains, Damages...

It feels like admitting to watching a lot of TV is like admitting to eating the entire pan of brownies... It's decadent and bad for you. TV is a lot like comfort food... you don't need it everyday. But you enjoy it.

Today, I enjoyed it. I'm thankful for little distractions and compelling stories that let us escape for an afternoon.