Sweat equity

Let's be honest. This has been a rough week. A lot of ups and downs.

Side note: is Ups n Downs skating rink in Escondido still open? We used to Roller skate there for hours to Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Wonder...

Anyway, I took a walk this evening at exactly the moment that all the spiders were spinning their webs. I tried not to take it personally, but gross. I also tried walking with my hand in front of my face like a blind person. I ended up with spider webs wrapped around my arms. Really gross. I just needed to blow off some steam and I find that sweating is the most efficient way to undo my mood and my crazy day.

I learned, a few years back, the the process of turning a cocoa bean into Chocolate is called 'sweating'. We sweat the beans into something beautiful. I'm thankful that there is grace enough to push me through this sweaty process and maybe someday something will come of all this.