Day 11...

After two extremely full days at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, I am really tired of sitting still. I am also pretty overwhelmed by the massive amount of information we took in... I find that I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend, to listen in and join this larger conversation. The speakers were all incredible and doing very different jobs, in very different arenas around the globe.

I was surprised to hear Michelle Rhee speak. She has been making news for her views and actions to turn around the public school system here in America. I loved how practical she was, how passionate she was, how vulnerable she was in front of so many thousands of people. She said that she felt she was the least qualified for the job (Chancellor of the DC school district) but she also knew that those students were waiting for someone they could depend on. So, she focused on being a good steward of the human capital that had been entrusted to her care. Then she enrolled her own daughters in the schools she was tasked to reform... She put herself in the shoes of every parent in the district. She said, "The world is waiting for us to advocate for the ones who have no voice."

I love her bravery and I'd like to be more like her when I grow up.