Day 10... I may have lost count but I think that's right.

I'm a bit overwhelmed as I wind down my day... overwhelmed in a good way. I spent the day at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

Hannah, Debbie, and I spent the day in Fuller's main auditorium with many other people watching a live simulcast of the event that is happening in Chicago. It's my first time and I had no idea what to expect and today I was blown away by the power of ideas, the power of our voices, the power that comes from standing for love and goodness and creativity in the face of so much mediocrity, narrow thinking and selfishness. They've talked a lot about entrepreneurship and artistry and I am inspired. I have pages and pages of quotes and notes but I need more time to think through those things and we have another full day tomorrow...

I will say this, several speakers brought up gratitude as a practice. One of them was daring enough to say that when you receive something you are thankful for, you should ask for more of it. So, practically speaking, whenever you say thank you, you finish with, "more please". Try it. It feels delicious and a little wrong.

I can't wait for tomorrow.