The Tourist Skirt

And the second
First successful skirt

Well, I didn't do any quilting and the homework will get done tonight. Instead, I attempted my first skirt. My friend Debbie and I got it in our heads that we needed new skirts to wear on our trip to Bangkok in a few weeks. Then, I think I was the genius who talked her into handmade skirts. Any way, These two are mine. I bought a simplicity pattern and wasted a yard of fabric trying to figure it out. Then I decided I should just make one up. It didn't take long once I got the measurements right. I am not the type of person to measure twice, cut once. I employ the riskier, hold it up, eyeball it, make a guess and cut method... hence the wasted yard of fabric. You get the idea...

I decided to add pockets so that I would be able to tell the front from the back and also, because pockets are a handy thing to have around.

What do you think?