Letting Go

Today, I met my Brother at Disneyland. On my way there I tried to get in touch with the Neurologist mentioned in yesterdays post. He wasn't in the office and would not be returning until next Tuesday. I'm choosing to take this as a good sign. If it were a potentially life threatening situation, wouldn't he be duty bound to notify me as soon as possible? So, this is me choosing not to worry. Last night, I really didn't sleep much. I kept waking up.

So, today I went to the Happiest Place on Earth. (Side note: My actual happy place would not be so full of people.) I've noticed it's hard to worry while I'm riding a roller coaster. It's hard to do much of anything except hang on and let in come.

California Screamin' is my new favorite. I found myself laughing through the entire ride (twice). It feels good to laugh and let go a little. It feels good to let this roller coaster ride of a story take it's time unfolding.

Maybe I'll sleep better tonight.