Oh Grow Up

Maybe this sounds silly but I'd like it if my "to-do" list actually coincided with my "I can't wait to do list".

Right now my to-do list consists of:

  • Editing a 50 page dissertation for a student

  • Teach two classes this week at West Adams

  • Blog everyday for 7 days for my Personal Essay class

  • Work twenty hours at the Law School

  • Read the first 4 chapters of a book for the Bangkok team meeting on Friday night.

  • Finish the reading for Wednesday's small group

  • Finish getting the social networking set up for www.speakupforthepoor.org

  • Pitch story idea to Darling Magazine

  • Find a birthday gift for my 3 year old niece

As I write this all out, I see that all but one of these things is something I really want to do... I could live without the law school... I need to find another way to pay my rent. I'm closer than I think I am. It gets hard to see that in the middle of meetings and phone calls and traffic and endless incoming emails.

I remember my sister told me once that when she was little she thought being a grown up meant that she would drive a car just like Barbie, pour her own milk, and call our parents by their first names. If only it were that simple. I had no idea what my grown up life would look like... I still don't. But I'm getting there.