I've been taking a personal essay class this semester and we were given an assignment to complete over the spring break. I am supposed to blog every single day for a week and then write about the experience.

This is the halfway point for me.

These past few days, as I go about my usual routine, I find myself thinking about what I might write about today and whether or not this activity is "Blog-worthy"...

This kind of daily blogging could very quickly turn into diary or a confessional. These things feel so gut wrenching and transparent. I struggle with how much to say about my life for a few reasons. Mainly because my life intersects with other people and they may not appreciate my candor in such a public place and also because I enjoy being a private citizen.

Besides, is anyone really reading this?

I find that I write about the things that I like to read about... cooking and knitting, current events and travel, creativity and teaching...

Believe it or not, my live is full and busy but not always very juicy.