In Pieces

in pieces

Well, 2011 has brought on a whole new set of skills and it's only February. Tonight, I've started piecing together, what was originally a simple quilt... but has turned into a twin size odyssey. I brought this on myself. As I stood in the fabric store, in January, I gave myself a pep talk about trying new things (what's the worst that could happen?) When I brought the fabric home and started prepping and cutting these squares, it started to feel like a lot of work for something that would be merely decorative. Soon, it was a twin size quilt for my couch in my new place... a place I haven't actually found yet but need to find by June. The reasons for this are too long to mention here. My feeling is that all these 5 inch squares will inspire the new place. Funny, that I'm better at small projects when I should be prepping for larger projects. Like moving. Or homework.

The irony is that my current house is too small for me to spread out all these pieces. These 6 rows make up one third of the finished quilt and I've had to tape them to my bedroom door to make room for the others.

Here's to roomier places for fitting all the pieces together this year.