I heard the most beautiful song today. This is the first verse:

We touched down on the sound
At the top of the world
In the land of the midnight sun
Where the frozen river melts away
And breaks into a run
Into the sea, into the mighty waves
That waited just to see it
From a long way off that river thawed
And the tide ran out to meet it
“Welcome home, unfrozen river, welcome home”

As a writer, I've never been able to sit still through much poetry. I've always likened my creative process to that of a songwriter. More time is spent on finding a rhythm that you love enough to keep repeating. And songwriters seem a little less tortured... maybe just remarkably more social than poets. The song this morning "All Will Be Well"  is by Andrew Peterson. Actually this is from an older album of his and it's temporarily available for free download on noistrade.com

Here's the link:

The Far Country By Andrew Peterson