Until the New Year

It's been a long while. It sort of feels like I haven't been turning in my homework and there is an awful lot of catching up to do. I'm settled into a great new place. Not the one I had planned on but I do love it.

The saga of my accident has finally been settled. The check is in my hands and I am making thank you cards and packing up all the remains... The piles of paperwork, the gallon size zip lock bag full of prescription bottles, the scarf that one of the accident witnesses threw over me as the ambulance carted me away, the hand full of foam earplugs from all the MRI's... Did I mention the piles of mail and appointment reminders. I feel like I'm happily leaving a job that I've always hated.

It's done. I'm moving on. What will I do with all my time?

I hung pictures in my new bedroom today. I looked into applying to the Yale Writers Conference this June. In January I start back to school.

I think I have enough good stuff to keep me busy. And the best part is, I will be starting 2012 with a clean slate.