Making a List

The following was a writing exercise for class. We were to make lists... It's vague and open to all sorts of interpretations. This is a list of the noises I grew up hearing in our house on the top of 11th street under the oldest oak tree imaginable. Enjoy.

1. footsteps in the hall

2. Mom's Viking sewing machine running at a full tilt gallop

3. billiard balls being sunk into their pockets to the rhythm of steady hands

4. santa ana winds rattling the wall heater

5. the old light switches- heavy and loud

6. the clink and clatter of dishes being put away.

7. door than only slam, never shut discreetly

8. the toilet flush could be heard outside

9. Dad's old red Datsun- minus a muffler

10. the front gate creaks and scrapes against the uneven pavement

11. the freezer's ice machine at regular intervals

12. the heavy windows straining when opened and drafty when closed

13. Dad sweeping the driveway

14. the washer off balance at least 5 loads a day

15. the phone ringing always at dinner

16. laughter at bed time

17. music- saturday mornings while cleaning the house

18. sports on every t.v., all the time

19. table saw- when the house was under construction... it was always under construction.

20. table cloths be flung open and spread out on holidays.