It's homework time!

So, it's been a while. I've been writing... I just haven't been posting it here because it's all homework. The word homework used to fill me with dread. Funny how things change. Homework is a lot different these days. From one class, the assignment was to write 18 -22 lines of a first person narrative poem. From the second class, We are supposed to write a 10 minute short film script dealing loosely with the subject of "Things we didn't understand as a kid"... I'm enjoying it and wishing I had more time to devote to it. My week is almost completely booked before it even starts.

Anyway, for the core writing class, the first part of the semester is devoted to poetry. These two little poems are what I submitted:

She is Fearless

She flies straight into the

Arms of the freeway

Blinding lights at blazing speed

Take her breath away.

She is fearless and wild

No looking back, watch her fly

Ask her to stay, she will throw

Her head back, laugh and say,

Don’t you see?

Wings don’t fit in a place like this


To Knit

When I was younger

I kept feeling like I might unravel

I blame boys for that mess.

So, I taught myself to knit.

When I was younger

I felt the weight of the earth

Creeping up through the floorboards

Pounding in my chest so, I

Held fast the weight of a skein

in my small hands and began letting go.

When I was younger

I was like a picture frame

All boundaries and edges until

A neat row of little knit stitches

Walked me back home and

Flipped a light on inside me.

When I was younger

I used to wonder what I should

Be, and how a simple length of

string can be made into almost anything.

So, I taught myself to knit.


The funny thing  I've discovered is that, at least with these short assignments, no matter how good it is on paper... it's the way it sounds when it's read aloud to the class that gets the bigger response. What I mean is, what you've come up with and written down could be brilliant but if you aren't a good reader... it flops. The immediacy of reading your work to people you are just getting to know is something I never anticipated. I've surprised myself with how nervous I get.

More to come, soon. I promise.