Christmas and 2009, for that matter, flew right past me. I did capture a few moments.

December Speak Up Fundraiser

Actually, just before Christmas there was a Speak Up Fundraiser, which is where the cookies went. Speak Up is a great cause and you can learn more about it by clicking on the photo above. I believe we raised over $700 and raffled off a wii fit. Great Cause, Great Fun!

Then there was Mom's Birthday. Mexican Food, Mariachi's and Gigantic Margaritas. What more could the Birthday girl ask for!

Kate's Delicious Cheese Cake

Then Christmas came with Hollywood Snow on the tree which melted quickly because of the roaring fire in the wood burning stove, brand new Cowboy Boots for the little ones and a fort for when the grand kids come to play.

Welcome to the Fort.

There was also prime rib, garlic mashed potatoes, too much dessert and even more of the Charger game. Basically, it was not all close to what the First Christmas was like. Oh Well.

I actually had more fun making cards and christmas CD's for the neighbors and then wrapping all the little things I made for all my incredible friends.

Brown paper packages, tied up with string... sing it with me!

More on what I made later...

Happy New Year!