Help Wanted

I've been reading through Julia Cameron's book, "The Right to Write".  One of the exercises is to list all the jobs you've held. I didn't think this would be hard one until I actually started the list. I stopped at 30 thinking if I kept going, no one would believe me. Then, as I read back through the list, I was wondering if this list makes me look un-employable... or inept... or ridiculous. Julia says that it's impossible to be boring and honest at the same time.

So, here it is.  A list of the Jobs I've held.  In no particular order.

1. Babysitter

2. Grocery bagger/ Checker

3. Coffee server/ egg poacher (cooking not stealing) /orange juice squeezer

4. Usher/ Ticket taker

5. Towel Girl/ Pool Cleaner/ Water Aerobics instuctor

6. Student

7. Customer Service Rep/ Catalog order processor

8. Hotel Audio Visual Supervisor/ Miracle worker/ McGuyver

9. Wedding Coordinator (still giving me nightmares)

10. Back ground Actor (ghost whisperer, Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Greys Anatomy...

11. House sitter

12. Closet Organizer

13. Casting Assistant/ Gopher/ Producers Assistant

14. Audio Book Producer/ Director

15. Camp Counselor

16. Wedding Photographer

17. Article Writer

18. Peer Counselor

19. Surf Jewelry Sales Rep

20. Salon Receptionist/ hair sweeper (gross, only lasted 2 weeks)

21. Card Printer

22. Youth Leader/ small group leader/ student government cabinet

23. Guidance Counselor

24. Staples copy center supervisor (it's as bad as it sounds)

25. Restaurant Hostess

26. Nordstrom Stock Girl

27. Administrative assistant/ Professors assistant

28. Home movie editor

29. Knitting Instructor

30. Bridesmaid

Maybe I should find something I would actually stick with!