Recharging My Batteries

True story. As I sit at my kitchen table, right now, my phone is charging, my camera battery is charging, my ipod is charging and this very laptop is also charging. If your lights are flickering, it's probably my fault. Have you ever had one of those days (weeks, months, years) when all you can do is sigh and say to yourself, "Give me a break!"

I'm tired to say the least. I don't know anyone who isn't. But Christmas is coming and there is no escaping it. I spent this weekend close to home... and leaning into it instead of trying to ignore it. I'm almost done with all the Christmas knitting projects that I undertook this year. To be honest I started back around Halloween and then the car accident gave me lots of laying on the couch time that I would not have had otherwise.

Yesterday, I went for a long walk in the cold and finished a knitted christmas gift and watched "Dan in Real Life." It's probably one of my favorite movies. Today, I went to church and afterwards had breakfast with the girls at Hamlet where we hatch plans to solve all the worlds problems. Then, we wandered around Williams-Sonoma and looked at all the things we would make if we didn't have to work for a living and our kitchens could actually hold all these crazy gadgets.

I came home and turned on Pandora to Christmas music. Then I decided my small fireplace and mantle should be in a magazine. I guess this blog will have to do for now:

My version of building a fire.

Cranberries, Glitter, and Beads

It's sort of minimalist but it's mine. After that, I pulled out my nifty apple core-er and made an apple pie. Last time I did this I forgot to sugar the apples before putting it in the oven. I brought it to the Thanksgiving Potluck at work... It went over surprisingly well, although, somewhat sour. This time, I think I got it exactly right. Sugar and everything.

Apple pie is best for breakfast.

It's cooling as I write. Yum.

So, that was my weekend. I am breathing easier now. And my trusty laptop is the only thing left recharging.

Maybe wielding a pairing knife over 8 granny smith apples forces you to be more in the moment... Maybe the smell of pie baking and warming the house helps me pay attention to myself... Maybe seeing the light at the end of a long list of projects makes me have more confidence in the other long lists I have yet to tackle... I think I will save that for Christmas Break, only two weeks away...