It's a New Year

I keep playing that Death Cab for Cutie song... It's a new year... Here in Pasadena, we mark the new year with a little parade you may have heard of. That's right, it's the Rose Parade. This was my Third New Years in Pasadena. I moved in December 30th, 2006. 

The Parade presents a logistical nightmare for the residents in Old Town... parking, traffic, crazy pedestrians. Did I mention the noise? I could hear the drumming start at 7:30 on New Years Day. There are news helecopters covering the scene from the air and the Good Year Blimp even shows up. Colorado blvd. becomes a stadium starting at noon on new years eve. Can you imagine?

I sound like I'm complaining. I should rephrase. It's pretty crazy around here this weekend. But New Years here in Pasadena marks another sort of anniversary for me. Amie's Big Move. What comes next? I guess we'll have to stay tuned.

For now, Rose Parade pictures are on my facebook page... but here are a few:

the first floatrocket ship