My Not So Secret Recipes

My favorite thing about the holidays is the gift giving. Really it's the gift making. This year I made boxes filled with hand made soap and hand knit washclothes. I also made teddy bears for my niece and nephew.


Handmade Christmas 2008

This site has way too many ideas. It's also the place where I got the recipe for homemade soap. Crafts | Gift Ideas | DIY Projects - Welcome to!

Finally, the wash clothes came from my very favorite knitting blog: the purl bee. These are a great gift for any occasion.

This site is where I got the Bear pattern. Benji Bear When I googled teddy bear pattern, some crazy things came up. People take their bears very seriously. But this is a fairly simple pattern that actually turns into a cute little teddy bear. 

Cole with his Bear


Happy Giving in 2009!