Nothing to Sneeze At


Hankies by Hand Hankies by Hand

So there is always the dilemma of what to get Dad for his birthday. He doesn't like it when we spend money on him. In fact, I asked him once what he wanted and this was his reply: "Just worship me." He was only sort of joking at the time.


There is one thing I've noticed about him compared to others people's fathers. He always carries a plain white hankie in his pocket. This has always stuck me as such a gentlemen thing to do. So I embroidered his initials on a couple of hankies. Maybe that subtracts the manly gentleness right out of them. I like to think of them as little valentines you carry in your pocket.


PS: I almost titled this post "Hankie Pankie" but decided that might draw another sort of search engine crowd.