My Inner Pace

Pace: (n) The rate or speed of change.

So, these are the books that that have been handed to me this week:

Taking Flight

On Becoming Fearless

Both about becoming more yourself... Both about overcoming fear. Is someone trying to tell me something? Yesterday, as I was walking home I smelled smoke from a fireplace. It smelled like fall. It smelled so good. Of course today it was more than 90 degrees most of the day so the feeling didn't last, but the days are getting shorter and the fall quarter is getting underway. Amazing how fast the time flies. Amazing how different my life was this time last year. I feel so lucky to be here.

I've been working on my running lately. More specifically, keeping a solid pace. So many times, I start things on a whim, then I get sucked in and it turns into an all out race to the finish so that I can start the next thing, then I wonder why I'm so exhausted and it turns into a death march. I hate that. So, I'm working on my pace. It's helping. I sleep better. I use up a lot of pent up energy at the end of the day. I drink more water... So far, so good.