The Democratic Style of War

Here it is: there are basically 2 different ways of doing conflict. It’s the difference between disagreeing with a persons character or a persons style of accomplishing the goal. Style conflict is really healthy and works to get to the bottom of what we have in common and sheds light on the differences. Character conflict is petty, small and selfish. This is a waste of time especially when the future of this country is at stake. It seems the media makes everything a character assassination. It's always life or death.

With this election it feels less like we are choosing a leader to guide our country into the future and more like we are being asked to choose which parent to live with after the divorce is final.

This must sound pretty “Polly Anna” but I find myself asking why we can’t start talking about real things and work on redressing the way we do this democratic process...

Redress was my google word of the day. It's an action word meaning, "To relieve of anything unjust or oppressive." If the media is talking about a culture war, how do we fight... what are we fighting for?

I remember, as a kid, watching my Dad get so fired up about presidential elections. As a Kid, I had no patience for the evening news or the morning paper... I'll be honest, I still don't. Thank you google news! I'm also thankful that he always read the paper and watched the news. I marveled at how much he knew about what was happening in the world and more than anything else, he had opinions about how to solve some of those dilemmas and issues. One election, in particular, I think I was 8. I remember asking him why he didn't run for president. Although he appreciated my offer to vote for him as soon as I was old enough, he declined. 

His reasoning was something I didn't fully understand until recently. He said, "I would never run for President or public office. I would hate to live under all that scrutiny. Can you imagine never having a private moment, ever again?"

No. I could not imagine that. I still can't. But it does leave me wondering, how many excellent leaders are out there flying under the radar and not taking the next step for fear of the havoc all the intense scrutiny, the public litany and the media circus would have on their families and communities.

If I were asked to take on a job in the public eye, (like in the case of Palin) even if it was a job I really wanted and felt called to do, I would blink. I would probably laugh or maybe cry, but I would most definitely blink. There is a sacrifice to living in public, more so than the occasional blogger. There is also a responsibility. My obligations affect the lives of the people around me but my life in the spotlight might also obligate the people in my life. Is it worth it? Depends on what I'm standing for... the responsibility at hand. Maybe the media is not taking enough responsibility.

In the end, the way we treat each other is always more important to me than the latest scandal that the opposing party has conveniently uncovered.