variations on a theme

So, a new theme design for a new season. I took the picture on the morning we summited Mt. Whitney. That was probably about 7am and really cold with 5 more miles up hill before we reached the top. The peak is behind me in this picture as I looked out over guitar lake and wondered if I was going to need a helicopter to come rescue me. I didn't. We made it eventually.

Here's the whole picture:


It looks like a guitar, doesn't it? It looks like a guitar, doesn't it?


I find myself looking at that picture and then looking at my calendar and feeling like my life is way too scheduled out. I haven't picked up my camera since that trip and I miss it. Do I really need to schedule time with my camera?


Lately, I've been reading Tozer's "Attributes of God", specifically, about the infinitude and immensity of God. My calendar is very tiny compared to these things... 

My favorite quote so far: "This is the greatest calamity for the human soul: to be made in the image of God, with a spirit so big that it can contain the universe, and yet cry for more."

Right now I want more play time.