I Wish Bears Wore Sirens

In trying to process and recover from the Whitney trip, I've been slowly trying to write about it. The following is a short paragraph that will hopefully turn into a larger more finished piece. Also, I will put some pictures up soon!

I'm usually more of a city girl but it surprised me to realize that I actually missed the sound of sirens and the people who drive too fast over the speed bump which lies directly outside my dining room window. I wish bears wore sirens. I would rest easier if they made a distinctly dangerous sound upon approach. (Stranger Danger! Stranger Danger! might also work...) I was actually afraid that their menacing presence would not be enough to wake me up. Mainly because their tracks looked so small and non-threatening when we came across them on the trail in broad daylight. You see, pictures of bears footprints in the dusty trail are not enough to set off alarms in my head but, for some reason, actual bears eating me for dinner while I am snug in my sleeping bag is enough to keep me up all night long. I guess we all have nights when the shadows spook us and hard as we try, we cannot close our eyes or rest. Our vigilance gets the best of us. A perceived danger in the night is somehow worse than an actual danger in the light of day.