My Los Angeles First

So, I've lived here in Los Angeles for more than a year and a half now and there are a few very LA things that have eluded me until now.

The following is a picture of the view from my seat at the Hollywood Bowl:


nose bleed seats/ excellent show nose bleed seats/ excellent show










Here is a picture from my seat at the Dodger Game:


Better Seats. Terrible Game Better Seats/ Terrible Game

The truth is, I'd go just for the Dodger Dogs and I will admit that I had never heard of Manny Ramirez before this particular night. I just don't keep track of sports like I keep track of knitting.

When I sent this picture to my brother, he promptly replied with a picture of himself standing on the Padres' field during batting practice. He always seems to beat me at these things.

One thing I've noticed about these LA events... Parking = no fun at all. I lose my car very easily. I might still be wandering around the parking lot if it weren't for my friends. Note to self: get a more distinctly colored car... or maybe I should just wash my car.