It's warm in here

It's been a while. What can I say? I've been writing but not on this thing... Been training but it's just too hot today. Mt Whitney is about 5 weeks away already. Where does the time go? Birthdays do that... make the time fly. I was thinking about how different my life looked even just a year ago. All these unexpected changes... happy surprises... friendships and lunch with the girls is always a good thing.

I was walking home from work yesterday and decided that it's the sort of weather that plays nicely with Sheryl Crow music and frozen yogurt. (Or a road trip but who can afford the gas?) Then I saw a man standing on the corner of a really busy street, cradling a big, fat, black and white cat in his arms and ( you're right, by itself that is not news) AND a huge green parrot on his shoulder. He was talking to them like he loved them both very much. He reminded me of Francis of Assisi. He's the one who talked to the animals, right? Really strange to see at 5:30 pm on the corner of Del Mar and Los Robles!

This is turning out to be a very boring post, I'm afraid. I blame the heat. I'll write again soon. I promise!